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encoreTVB is designed and brought to you by TVB (USA), Inc., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of one of the largest distributors of Chinese-language television programs in the world, Hong Kong based, TVB Group. Plus, enjoy FREE 8-Day Replay and watch your favorite shows up to 8 days after they air. It is the first 24-hour nationwide news channel to be launched in the country. TVB Drama, TVB Originals , 港劇, 免費看 , HK TV Drama木棘証人, The Witness, 使徒行者3, Line Walker:Bull Fight, 踩過街2, Legal Mavericks 2020 TVB Anywhere HOME TV PACKAGES DISH offers the JadeWorld TVB package Cantonese channels: TVB1, TVBe, TVBS, TB drama, CCTV 4 and more. Beautiful actress of the TVB channel, played in many serial shows.. Ali Lee 李佳芯 (photo below) 27 november 1982 Hongkong It includes the very best TVB drama, most up-to-date news and a variety of entertainment shows. The TV channel was launched on 1 October 1995. HDTV 28 January 2008 83: TVB News Channel: 無線新聞台: A 24-hour news channel. Just download the vChannel player and then add the channel, you can watch TVB, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Taiwan TV dramas, shows and movies using iPhone/iPad. WATCH LIVE CANTONESE TV CHANNELS - FROM $30/MO Get the best way to watch Cantonese TV channels live - anytime, anywhere. All package prices guaranteed for 2 years. TVB channel sexy Hong Kong girls actresses and models I chose the ones that I like and know, as long as I watch a lot of shows and series on TVB. TVBAnywhere+ is a global video-streaming service dedicated to providing seamless, worldwide access* to original Chinese contents. 15 August 2017 84 TVB Pearl: 無線電視明珠台 Choose a core package below. The Cantonese channel, called TVB Jade, began regular service on 4:30 pm that day on Channel 21, while the English service (TVB Pearl) began at 6:00 pm on Channel 25. Channel Name Channel # Channel Description CHINESEDIRECT TM $12.99/mo MANDARINDIRECT ® III $16.99/mo; Phoenix NA TV: 2050: Morning, noon and night, the Phoenix North American Chinese Channel delivers cutting-edge coverage of current affairs, up-to-the-minute news, financial updates, variety shows, and dramatic entertainment straight to you. Nancy Wu 胡定欣 or Wu Ting Yan (photo below) 9 september 1981 Hongkong. The inaugural programming lineup included Enjoy Yourself Tonight , a Chinese language variety show, and Meet The Press , an English current affairs programme. Start enjoying all the top Cantonese channels today, like TVB HD, TVB1 & TVB Drama. encoreTVB renders FREE digital Video-On-Demand (VOD) service of premium TVB programs include: • The hottest Hong Kong drama in both Cantonese and Mandarin (The Defected, Big White … Cantonese HDTV (Digital) SDTV (Analogue) Terrestrial 19 November 1967 31 December 2007 TVB: 82 TVB J2: A youth-oriented entertainment channel. Live: Watch TVBS News (Chinese) from Taiwan. No long-term contract necessary! Phoenix North America Chinese Channel features 24/7 of local and global news, current affairs, talk shows, popular drama series, variety shows, in-depth finance reports and live interviews concerning the Chinese community in America. TVB's main general entertainment channel. I just found a free ipad/ iPhone app using RSS feed channel and I think someone will be interested. 提供免費點播tvb節目包括劇集(劇情、動作、喜劇、愛情、古裝、功夫武打、處境喜劇)、每日新聞(香港、中國內地、美國、世界各地)、綜藝節目 (影星娛樂、旅遊特輯、美食烹飪、生活品味、教育資訊、紀錄歷史),為在美華人提供多元化電視娛樂體驗。 The largest distributor of Chinese-language television programs in the world which aims to bring TVB programs to the viewers in the U.S.

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