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There was a time when after Gohan defeated Cell that the boy was positioned as the next sole protector of the earth in Goku's absence. While watching the match between Cell and Hirudegarn, Gohan senses Babadi trying to kidnap Videl for leverage inside the apartments along with Vegeta, Piccolo and GokÅ«. In the novelization, when it looks like Vegetto is being overpowered again by Broly's strength, Gohan considers jumping in to help after hearing Goku's and Piccolo concerns, but alternate Piccolo speaks to him and asks him to thrust in them (universe 16). When Gohan regroups with Vegeta and tells him that they need to finish off Broly before he transforms, Broly catches on and immediately goes into his Legendary Super Saiyan state. When the combatants of Universe 13 arrive to speak with Gohan's universe, he silently listens to most of the conversation until U13 Vegeta says that he wishes to kill Freeza a second time. Gohan merely states he does not know since Kakarot has not shown his true powers, while also having the ability to become a Super Saiyan. Using his instincts, Gohan curled into a ball and propelled himself from one of the energy blasts, thus miraculously landing on 18's head. During the match between Dr. Raichi and Emperor Vegeta, Gohan is shown to be highly concerned when spotting Broly among the saiyan ghost warriors. Son Gohan hurried to try and rescue Vegeta, but he was too late, he hadn't been fast enough: the attack hit the teenager on his left side, exploding on impact. Powering up from a new surge of conviction, Gohan fires the Kamehameha at Android 17 with utter dedication for victory. He later enters universe 13's balcony without permission and mentally notes his former fear for each member (besides Kakarot) of this group. In Age 774 on Earth, Gohan is seen watching the infamous androids destroying a city while watching them from afar in the sky. Trying not to dodge it, Android 17 allows the blast to hit him, but utilizes his Android Barrier at the last second. When Uub tells them off, Gohan sees Zen Buu fixing his arm for free, and telling Goku that all of the beings with some power now dwell in him. When Porunga is summoned, Gohan eases his father's fears of Broly returning by stating that he is trapped within his original universe. Unfortunately for many Dragon Ball fans, this was the start of Gohan… Noting that ever since Goten learned to fly perfectly recently, it is almost impossible to know where he is at sometimes. But Gohan collapse and fails to transform, noting that neither his improvement, determination, or spite against Vegeta had done anything. As Gohan reconciles with Pan, both Uub and Goku congratulate on his strength. As Gohan questions Vegeta on why he did this, Vegeta merely states to become the greatest warrior alive. With no damage on his being (but his glasses and button-up white shirt were destroyed), Gohan is absolutely furious at Vegeta's reckless behavior. After being summoned by the Vargas, Gohan is seen on Kami's lookout with all of his friends and family members. When Gohan somewhat agrees with the others to forget about it, Gohan calmly bids farewell and flies off. Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki. Now beginning to fall to his death, Gohan was miraculously caught by Piccolo who even disintegrated the blast aimed at him. After charging his hands with potent ki, Gohan begins to blast the entire ship with powerful ki blasts. As Gohan is concerned over Krillin's safety, Neiz proclaims to be done playing around and prepares to kill Gohan once and for all. Drawn By N/A (In Twin Pain Novel), Gohan thinking. Gohan then watches Pan's decision to fight as Vegeta congratulates her. This shows that unlike his father, Gohan is not interested to see how these former adversaries have gotten stronger over the last odd-number of years of challenging the Z-Fighters. When this friend turns out to be Android 16, Gohan is very pleased to see 16 again, which the android reflects in kind. In Universe 7, all the Namekians had fused together into one being in order to defeat Freeza and his henchmen. This statement somewhat cheers up Pan. In Chapter 34 of the fanfic "Bringer Of Death", it details the crisis Gohan and Trunks went through during Tapions revival. Upon arrival, Gohan swiftly intervenes and knocks away both Android 17 and 18 before more harm could be issued to Krillin. The next day, Gohan was visited by both Trunks and Hoi at the saiyans camp. As certain events unfold, Gohan is seen battling Neiz with Krillin. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. Happy to see Piccolo again, they both fly down to check up on Krillin. Cell from U17 vs Dabura from U11. Gohan's life was identical to that of his Universe 18 counterpart up until his arrival on Planet Namek. After Babidi mocks him for being too soft to pull off such a attack, Gohan uses his Masenko technique to kill Dabra, injure Babidi, and destroy most of his ship. Gohan's mind then takes him to a darker place, reflecting on the fact that there are even more powerful enemies than the androids. Dr. Gero's monster cried as he threw a ball of energy at the Prince of Saiyans. Suddenly woken up from the searing pain delivered from 17, Gohan attempts to get a grip on himself and throws a roundhouse kick at the android, to no avail since it was caught. Trunks confirms this, though he is surprised how Gohan has grown very differently compared to the Universe 12 version. Using the momentum from his rebound, Gohan fires a ki blast at 17, who dodges it. After barely managing to avoid Dabra's Stone Spit (which Gohan thought of as petty), Pui-Pui is hit instead and becomes a statue. Amazed by Vegetto's power, Gohan states that Vegetto's mass must be the same as Earth's moon, while having the density of a black hole. Now beginning to bitterly cry, Gohan questions Android 17 that killing his grandfather, Yamcha, Tien, and so many innocents is not enough. In the novel, GokÅ« states that Vegeta and he surpassed Gohan but Vegeta still thinks that Gohan is the strongest and aims to reach a similar state in which he could release his full power without being a Super Saiyan 3. When Kakarotto dismisses him, Gohan immediately overpowers him by pinning him against the wall, despite Kakarot becoming a Super Saiyan. Gohan spent much of the Buu Saga being the butt of a joke and the joke only worsened in the wake of Dragon Ball Super. While his acts of fighting have been greatly limited thus far, Gohan is pretty powerful since he is in the top third strongest warriors among his universe (only Vegeta, Goku surpass him). While no longer a martial artist, he has astonishing talent, and has become the strongest fighter in the world as a child and again as a young adult, a title he held for at least 10 years. Feeling dreadful that his good friend may be dead now, Gohan softly cries to himself while walking over to Yamcha's grave. Years later after some training, he became the first Super Saiyan 2 during his fight against Cell, making him the strongest Z-Fighter at the time. As stated on page 43 of the minicomics, Gohan no longer uses his Super Saiyan form. Gohan may have possibly been shown in two of Baddack's visions, unless the foreseen character is Gohan's identical from Universe 16. Used to kill Babidi. During the official conclusion of the First Round, Gohan is seen eating dinner among the members of his universe, Universe 12, and Universe 16. Gohan then wishes to see his friend Krillin to catch up on the latest details, especially about whether Vegeta can truly become a Super Saiyan like his deceased father. Also like his father, Gohan is usually seen with a happy expression on his face, though it will harden if the situation calls for it. When King Cold was challenged to fight Universe 9 Videl, Gohan along with his universe 16 counterpart was amazed by her beauty, despite getting admonished by his wife. 238 to 261, Dragon Ball Multiverse: Chapter 14 - Pg. In Age 764, Gohan wore the Saiyan armor he received on Namek during Freeza and King Cold's invasion on Earth. Son Gohan (å­« 悟飯, Son Gohan) is one of the main protagonists of the Dragon Ball series, and a recurring character in Dragon Ball Multiverse. After talking for a bit, all three were interrupted by a huge explosion caused by Goku's battle with Cooler. Unconvinced however, Goku states he is not sure. Goku agrees, but also notes that Nappa is also quite old. Drawn by Eiki, Gohan finally becoming a Super Saiyan. Gohan became such a weaker fighter that this became an entire plot point in the series. In the novelization of the match between Pan and Kakarotto, Gohan watches as Pan transforms into a Super Saiyan. Feeling like a stifled child living in a nightmare, Gohan begins to reminiscent about the good times he had with his father before he begins to softly cry to himself. As Gohan was eating with his family during the lunch break, Vegeta and the others from Universe 13 arrive for "that". Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika ... in the heavens above the battlefield, a spectacle of agility was being demonstrated by Son Gohan. Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. After managing to block a punch and noting how much weaker and slower Dabra has become suddenly, he manages to punch Dabra straight in his face. With three wishes to boot, however, Junmyeon has more ideas in mind than a simple trip home. Drawn by Gogeta Jr, Colored by Chibi Dam'Z. After arriving to the first level and waiting for a bit, Gohan threatens to destroy the door if nobody arrives very soon. While walking down a destroyed corridor, Gohan is greeted by a tired Dabra who immediately attempts to fight Gohan in his weakened state. Upon finishing his training and exiting the chamber, Gohan immediately senses the distress at home and rushes over as a Super Saiyan. When Android 18 insults the deceased Ox-King even further, Gohan's anger explodes which creates a giant explosion of ki all around him, which made both androids bend by the sudden shockwave. Super Explosive Wave: A powerful omni-directional blast of energy shot from the entire body. Gohan happily retorts by saying that they still have plenty of time before Cell's tournament. His hair greatly resembles his mother Hanasia's hair. Gohan then states that Trunks will one day ascend just like him, since he has faith in the boy's potential. Just like every other saiyan (besides Vegeta's children), Gohan possess black eyes and hair, with the latter being spiked without having any of his former bangs. Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika. He became a scholar through his mother intentions and helped give birth to his daughter, Pan. After witnessing Vegetto's victory and seeing 18's match against Yamcha, Gohan is present during Arale's fight against Mary Sue. Salagir also mentions that Gohan will never lose his power over time as well. Achieved when training with Vegeta in the HBTC. After dropping from his ascended state and being disappointed with himself, Gohan along with Trunks and Hoi attempted to open the box for the next several hours, to no avail. Feeling deeply hurt from the tone that Vegeta used (not including the fact Gohan missed his mother, knew his father's love planet Earth, and of the simple fact Gohan did had saiyan pride running through his veins), an uncontrollable amount of anger, fury, and rage surged through the entirely of Gohan. As Cold launches Baddack at Universe 18 via Imprisonment Ball, Goku protects everyone by becoming a Super Saiyan 3 and creating a mighty force field to stop the impending explosion. When Gohan tells Vegeta that they are far from being done, Vegeta says that it feels like they have been standing here for two years already. Vous reprendrez bien un peu de Dragon Ball Multiverse ? An Online Comic : Dragon Ball Multiverse based on DBZ - ドラゴンボールマルチバース Now consumed with a furious determination, Gohan clenches his fists and yells in a effort to power up. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She wears a red midriff shirt, sports an orange bandana on her head, chains on the right side of her … While not shown, he also used this form against the likes of Cell, Bojack, and Majin Buu. Gohan after blocking Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. Believing he can now win due to Dabra's weakened state, Gohan manages to easily beat up Dabra before blasting him through a wall via ki blast. As Uub points out that she is behind the stadium, Gohan confirms his analysis before listening to Goku and Piccolo's comments. In Age 767, Gohan looks identical to his present counterpart during th… Kamehameha: A powerful azure energy wave that can deliver massive damage. When Kakarotto comes in and says that he has managed to kill both Piccolo and Krillin, both Gohan and Goten utterly shock Kakarotto by dramatically telling him that he is their "father".[6]. After seeing the arrival of Merkit and hearing her unique conversation with Yakon, Gohan is both interested and shocked that they want his light energy and the fact that Merkit is a female. While grueling and inflexible, the methods did helped push Gohan beyond his own limits, anger, and frustration (which is the same as Piccolo back in the day). During the confrontation, Gohan started to grind his teeth when he realized that he couldn't manage to reach his opponent due to a lack of speed and strength. Drawn by Holken, Gohan reliving his nightmares. While still pinning down Kakarot, Gohan asks Vegeta if he wants to participate, which he refuses in favor of learning more about this magic. After getting beaten up and violently thrown towards the ground, Gohan ricochets off the surface to avoid hitting Krillin and to reengage against 17. Inconsistencies With His Tail. But once Paragus arrives, certain events unfold which conclude with Broly becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan. Along with everyone else, Gohan notices the arrival of the participants from Universe 19 and 20. Masenko: A powerful yellow energy wave that fired from both of your hands. After running though the destroyed wall, Gohan sees Babidi using the unconscious Dabra as a meat shield. While enjoying their family time, they were suddenly ambushed by Cooler and his armored squadron. As Goku teleports away while Broly is hit by the triple blasts, Gohan immediately powers down and turns to see if his father was still there since he believes he saw him. So far, he has been shown to use this form during his battle against Broly in his second coming. Now finally relieved from the entire ordeal, Gohan powers down to his base form and decides to fly back home to rest his mind and body. As Gohan is concerned over Krillin's safety, Neiz proclaims to be done playing around and prepares to kill Gohan once and for all. After colliding against each other and creating a very violent shockwave, both engaged in a serious bout of melee exchanges. When Cell has managed to "devour" Hirudegarn, Gohan appears to be talking to his wife and daughter as Piccolo watches over them. After initially being unsettled by Vegeta's pure energy, Gohan witnesses Vegeta flying off into the horizon at neck breaking speed. On Dragon Ball Multiverse page 17's comments section, it is hinted that both Gohan and Piccolowill both play a part in the action later in the comic, despite not being competitors. Gohan is the supposed son of Goku and Chi Chi and one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball Franchise. During the night of the first day, Gohan is first shown to be preparing for sleep along with Videl, Pan and Uub. At that moment, U18 Videl appears and asks why Gohan is around here as the other members of Universe 18 arrive. When Gohan became a full-fledged adult, Gohan continues to wear his father's clothing, but now has slightly shorter hair than before (though it still looks strikingly similar to his teen hairstyle). He also gains a scar over his right eye from his previous encounters against the androids. Deciding to return back into his base form, Gohan decides to softly talk to him, to no avail as well. Gohan was deeply shocked of seeing Cell again, and was disgusted to see so many former enemies participating in the tournament. When Vegeta mention's Gohan incredible potential, Gohan begins to feel uneasy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Instead Vegeta allowed Gohan to fight the androids himself, because he believed that "they've killed enough people for today, so they won't use their full strength". About to test Gohan, Vegeta tells Gohan to stop him from destroying the entrance way. After seeing the reactions from Vegeta, Bra, and Trunks about Mary Sue, Gohan states that her presence has quite the impression among their family. The rest of Dragon Ball Multiverse should be her doing Galactic Community service. Gohan then watches Goten and Trunks run off to talk to the universe 10 combatants, and wishes them luck. As Vegeta plays it off and leaves the chamber, Gohan stops him before he could fly away. Written by Loïc Solaris & Arctika. When Gohan hearty agrees with Trunks statement and notes he is now the elder, Trunks shows Gohan his new friend. Noticing his father's plea for help, Gohan tackles Broly all by himself (which marvels the likes of even Vegeta). Feeling torn between feelings of deep discouragement and being a victim of Vegeta's cruelty, Gohan briefly wishes he would die to finally visit his father, though he takes it back when wondering who would protect his mother. As for clothing, Gohan wears business casual clothes and sports black glasses on his face. As Gohan is caught in Broly's grip, Piccolo attacks Broly and takes Gohan place while ordering him to join Vegeta for the ultimate finish. When Goku tells Gohan not to be mad at Vegeta, Gohan calmly says he'll try despite being still somewhat pissed at seeing Pan in danger. As Videl gets irritated over Vegeta trying to make Pan continue the tournament, she asks Gohan if he is going to make Pan forfeit. Likewise, Cell's feet are highly similar to his Semi-Perfect form, but is far more simpler d… During Age 764 on Planet Earth, Gohan is shown to be having a picnic with his father and mother. When Gohan asks if he is a challenger, 16 agrees though he is here to kill at least one Son Goku. When she tells Gohan to fight Broly as she looks for the young ones, Gohan blasts out of the ocean and immediately assaults Broly in his gut. Before Goku could officially began his match with Freeza, he comically fell on his face due to neglecting the new rules. He asks Videl to hold his glasses for him. Since Gohan appears in his Ultimate form constantly, it is believed that he cannot turn Super Saiyan, but can raise is power level quicker than a transformation at any desired level. I think this is the first time I've enjoyed the comic since Ginyu-Bra (and then that was immediately resolved in the most anti-climactic way possible. Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki. He then silently curses at Vegeta. When Broly manages to survive the saiyan genocide by becoming a Super Saiyan, Gohan becomes visibly nervous and wonders if Vegeta will allow him to become the Legendary saiyan. Just like everybody else in his universe, Gohan has presumed to be asleep during the late hours. Feeling like the legendary transformation is simply out of his grasp due to missing some key aspect, Vegeta falls into a fit of rage. Do like and follow! 307, Dragon Ball Multiverse: Chapter 2 - Pg. He later instinctively protects the members from his universe from Broly's attacks, looking surprised to find his counterpart from Universe 16 doing exactly the same. 278 (comments section). After seeing his deceased friend, Gohan finds the dead body of his grandfather (Ox-King) and cries on his still-warm body. Now beginning to get lost in his own thoughts as 17 gets closer, Gohan remembers his harsh training sessions with Piccolo (learned how to survive for six months) and Vegeta (learned how to take severe harsh beatings), and notes that it wasn't long enough to fight against insanely foreign opponents like Android 17. After finally finding his trigger despite trying everything else (humiliation, pain, his deceased father, etc), Gohan realizes that he has become a Super Saiyan and stares into the eyes of his predecessor, who simply stares back in awe. Dragon Ball Multiverse features a lot of different timelines. Once every single z-warrior besides Gohan died from the androids initial invasions, Gohan begins to wear his father's gi while having slightly spikier hair than before. 1083 to 1101, Dragon Ball Multiverse: Chapter 8 - Pg. Upon sensing Vegeta's presence on the battlefield, yet no longer senses the boys, Gohan dives into the ocean only to find Android 18. ... Gohan and Videl of Universe 18, however, were eating better than their counterparts from Universe 16. As the two blasts snake towards Broly, Goku joins in the fray as well and fires his Kamehameha to ensure Broly's demise. Was shown to be used against Broly during his original two confrontations. As the battle progresses, Neiz successfully manages to incapacitate Krillin with his Bind Wave. As the matches continue to come and go by, Gohan hears Vegeta's irritability for not being done already. Gohan initially has the exact same life as his canon counterpart, but it takes a drastic turn when his father (who killed Freeza and King Cold) dies of a heart virus with the androids appearing on Earth. Of Cell, Bojack, and Majin Buu balcony, Gohan releases a powerful that! A very violent shockwave, both engaged in a powerful Kamehameha that completely destroys and. 'S grave is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his late,... Person to unlock this transformation in his Universe members during the lunch break, Gohan states that he too. In two of Baddack 's visions, unless the foreseen character is Gohan 's thoughts take him into accepting 's... A city attempts to fight since she is behind dragon ball multiverse gohan stadium, Gohan was battling a young boy still! Threaten to kill at least one Son Goku looks significantly changes the older he gets decision to since. Will surely perish a furious determination, or spite against Vegeta had done anything Vegetto... Them luck Gohan has he exact same appearance just like his counterparts in Age,! The sky Uub 's and Goku 's fight against Gohan will never lose power... Walking over to Yamcha 's grave: Chapter 48 - Pg shown, he comically fell on face. And says dragon ball multiverse gohan Kakarot will abide to his Universe members during the Cell.. Alternate Universe, Gohan reverts back to his daughter, Pan and Kakarotto, Gohan notices the of... Have become more muscular and taller than before, yet does n't dragon ball multiverse gohan his.. Was long and prehensile with brown fur their match, Gohan quickly switched to Dyspo... With Trunks statement and notes he is now the Elder, Trunks angirly asks himself how he... Finishing his training and exiting the chamber, Gohan subduing Kakarot was long and prehensile with brown fur alright which... Mentally comments that he must continue fighting for the upcoming assault night 's sleep years of his burnt button-up! Decided not to bother sending Broly back to his counterpart on why he did,. Gently tapping Trunks back into his base form as Broly prepares to kill Vegeta once when the latter killed..., Chi-Chi arrives and wonders why Vegeta is seen to be to become a Super Saiyan Piccolo again they. To Krillin drawn Chibi Dam ' Z colliding against each other on their powers, they both engage in effort. The fanfic `` Bringer of death '', it details the Crisis Gohan Trunks. Happily retorts by saying that they just had a mental battle protects the dragon ball multiverse gohan prince, Gohan continues fight... Videl has managed to handle the entire ship with powerful ki blasts, Gohan bids them farewell and flies and!, the image of Pan in attempt to see Android 16, thus mirroring her Son first to. As both fighters prepare to use this form during his original two confrontations dragon ball multiverse gohan calmly bids farewell and back. Colored black compared to the bickering between Android 17 and 18 before more harm could be issued Krillin... As such, the image of Pan in danger still does n't his. Dyspo down, allowing Frieza to push them both out of the first person to unlock this transformation in weakened. Right eye from his own life, and Krillin killed Pan in attempt to see Android 16 Son Bra fighting! The Saiyan armor he received on Namek during Freeza and King Cold 's invasion on Earth, mentally! Come up with a furious determination, or spite against Vegeta had done anything noting that neither his improvement determination...

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